Tiny People is a benchmark school specializing in bilingual early childhood education. Here. each child and family are seen as unique and have differentiated care and attention.

Tiny People’s mission is to develop independent and responsible individuals who are driven and motivated and who know how to respect themselves, their neighbours and nature.

Our philosophy is to provide children with education for life in a multicultural environment in which they have the opportunity to develop their skills in every area of knowledge, both in English and Portuguese.

RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT AND SENSITIVITY are the three values that underlie and underpin our educational practice.
Welcoming and valuing individuality are priorities in an educational, safe and affective space. The children participate in various learning situations that will help them develop their ability to solve problems, establish relationships and acquire knowledge, skills, attitudes and values. All this care aims to ensure an education of excellence that enables the full development of our students.
Deyse Racy Haddad Deyse has a degree in Education, a postgraduate degree in Montessori Method from Montessori School of São Paulo, a specialization in Psychomotricity at ISPGAE with Professor Beatriz Loureiro, and in School Management at PUC-SP.
With over 45 years of experience in the field of education, Deyse is a reference in children's universe and advocate of free play.

Carla Marques Carla has been working for 25 years in the area of Education. She holds a degree in Social Communication from ESPM and a postgraduate degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).
She is vice-chair of governors of the Middle Park Primary School Board, which she has served since 2012, and she is also responsible for Tiny People´s international relations.

Our team are coordinated by Carolina Galvão, who has 18 years of experience in bilingual early childhood education. é nossa coordenadora de equipe e tem 18 anos de experiência em EARLY YEARS bilíngue. É graduada em Pedagogia pela UFSCAR e pós-graduada em Didática da Educação e Ensino Bilíngue e em Educação na Primeira Infância.

Carolina holds a degree in Education at UFSCAR, a postgraduate degree in Didactics of Education and Bilingual Education as well as a postgraduate degree in Early Childhood Education.

Our team are formed by some of the best bilingual teaching professionals in Sao Paulo, who are specialized in a series of fields such as: bilingualism, literacy, psychopedagogy, psychomotor development, neuroscience, among others.
In addition to their background and theoretical foundation, they are all fluent in English and have specific experience in bilingual education.

Tiny People permanently invests in the continuing education of our team through weekly CPD meetings. Our aim is to offer courses with professionals in various specialties and provide valuable contribution to our teaching practice.
Tiny People occupies two houses totaling 1,300m2 of smart and creative spaces that meet the characteristics and needs of each age group.

Together they are comprised of:
• 7 playgrounds – 1 of them exclusive to Tiny 1.
• Fruit tree garden
• 2 splash zones.
• Solarium – outdoor classroom.
• 2 libraries.
• Psychomotricity room.

• 1 art & movement room (multipurpose room)
• 2 art studios and STEAM room.
• Exclusive nap room
Make-believe room.
• 2 vegetable patches
• Toboggan to link classrooms and playground

Cleanliness and organization are featured at Tiny People. Our support staff constantly work to make sure our premises are always very well kept and clean, enabling children to acquire important habits for their family, academic and professional lives.
The school also has a security system with camera monitoring and trained professionals to ensure the children’s health and safety as well as their welfare.
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Tiny Club is the extended period of 3 additional hours either in the morning or in the afternoon. This service includes lunch, rest/ nap time and various activities led by a specialized team.

These activities include:
• Art and movement
• Sports initiation
• Psychomotor activities
• Games and play

Attendance at Tiny Club is optional and can be hired either on a monthly or daily basis.


The school has specialist teachers who offer the following activities within the school:
• Judo.
• Capoeira.


Educational Program
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Body awareness and psychomotor development are key issues in the global growth of all children. Therefore, at Tiny People we pay special attention to this area of development with activities that seek to improve their perceptual-motor skills, build a positive self-image, and consequently promote favorable interpersonal relationships.


Tiny People offers Spanish lessons as part of its curriculum. From Tiny 4 on, our students begin their contact with the Spanish language in weekly classes with a specialist teacher and have the opportunity to gradually learn a third language and other cultures.



Children born in the 21st century are expected to lead the world using new resources and skills that are different from those currently in use.

Tiny People's projects and sequences are embedded with STEAM. STEAM is an approach to education that explores science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics topics in order to develop soft skills such as critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration, creativity and innovation, resilience and flexibility, among others. We provide opportunities for each child to develop such skills and be better able to cope with the different challenges and experiences throughout their lives.


Tiny People has 2 partner schools in London. This relationship promotes the exchange of experience and educational practices, which further enrich our school context.
Middle Park Primary School
Babington House School



Tiny People's curriculum includes two music lessons per week with a specialist teacher.


Tiny People has 2 pets: Sunny, a stuffed monkey for Tiny 1 to Tiny 3 students and Brownie, a teddy bear for the Tiny 4 and Tiny 5 ones. They are our students companions on the weekends.

The Tiny Pet project aims to promote attitudes of care and responsibility, stimulate creativity, curiosity and imagination and strengthen the school / home bond.


• Psychomotricity
• Spanish

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• International Partnerships

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• Music
• Projeto Tiny Pet

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Tiny People leads a series of campaigns
that promote the development not only
of our students, but also their
families and the entire school community.
Tiny People leads a series of campaigns that promote the development not only of our students, but also their families and the entire school community.

Tiny People is committed to educating world citizens who are conscious and actively participate in our society. Therefore, a series of social responsibility and sustainability campaigns are developed in the school with the participation of our students and their families.

Itaci Project: Campaigns for the Itaci Child Cancer Hospital
Hope for Rehoboth Project: cross-border campaign for orphans in extreme poverty and vulnerability in Namibia, Africa.

• Rainwater collection and reuse.
• Paper use reduction and recycling promotion.
• S.O.S Earth - Battery collection and selective collection project
Turn 2 Me - Tiny People’s Parenting Support is dedicated to strengthening parent-school ties.

We believe it is very important to provide parents with opportunities for discovery, learning, reflection and consolidation of their role in dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the children's universe.

With texts, meetings, and conversation circles, we aim to support parents on this journey.